VRCADE (Virtual Reality Arcades)

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List of major, virtual reality focused arcades with physical locations (better known as VRCADEs).


Free-roaming, wireless VRCADE chain in Russia. Featuring… 

  • 391

Jack Ryan Training Field

A real-life obstacle course blended with VR to promote the… 

  • 320

Hotel Transylvania Popstic

A VR music game designed exclusively for VR arcades… 

  • 333


A vrcade theme park featuring the Terminator license.… 

  • 264

Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR is a franchise system available for VRCADE… 

  • 526

VR Square (Seoul)

A location based VRCADE in Seoul, South Korea operated by… 

  • 1K

Glo Station

NOTE: Now known as Sandbox VR. GloStation is a highly… 

  • 1K

Dreamscape Immersive

A VRCADE technology platform. Uses body-mapping tools… 

  • 558

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire

A new branded experience only at The Void set in the Star… 

  • 660

SEGA VR Area Akihabara, Tokyo

SEGA’s gigantic arcade in Akihabara is adding a VR… 

  • 1.7K


Currently in beta in L.A., IMAX is experimenting with a… 

  • 612
VRcade hardware featuring the VRcade logo and motion capture modules


Featuring full-motion, multi-participant virtual reality… 

  • 630


With a flagship location in Lindon, Utah, The Void uses… 

  • 894

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