VR Hardware

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Virtual Reality hardware enables all the software.

Vive Cosmos

A new premium PC VR system, connected through a single… 

  • 103


Cybershoes, now on kickstarter, enables seated running and… 

  • 216

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest launches in Spring 2019 for $399, is… 

  • 185


A kickstarter campaign for a VR haptic vest by woojer, who… 

  • 189

Vive Wireless Adapter

First-party wireless add-on for the HTC Vive and Vive Pro.… 

  • 176

VR Slide

Waterproof VR headset designed for water slides/water… 

  • 267


A motion platform in 2 versions (home and arcade) for… 

  • 256

Hyper Blaster

A sweet Nintendo-zapper inspired Gun attachment for the HTC… 

  • 207

Lenovo Mirage Camera (180 Stereo for Daydream)

The first commercially available 180 degree video to… 

  • 292

VR Pod mk2

A movable and chainable VR pod for professional VR… 

  • 569


Update: The Kickstarter has been canceled. The ZephVR is a… 

  • 436

HP Omen VR Backpack

A VR backpack/backtop computer mount for HP’s Omen X… 

  • 561

Oculus Go

An all-in-one, mobile VR headset by Oculus. Includes 3 DOF… 

  • 452

Dreamscape Immersive

A VRCADE technology platform. Uses body-mapping tools… 

  • 559

Samsung Mixed Reality Headset

Leaked renders of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality… 

  • 411

Pimax 8K

A Kickstarter funded project, Pimax is a SteamVR… 

  • 1K

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset features a striking… 

  • 587

Strider VR

A new, unique omnidirectional treadmill in development that… 

  • 1K

HP Z VR Backpack

First professional wearable VR that fits into a lightweight… 

  • 1.1K


An upcoming standard for immersive 180° video by… 

  • 526


Motivity is a general purpose VR treadmill in development… 

  • 904

Vive Knuckle Controller (Development Model)

Currently in development and developed alongside… 

  • 914

Yi Halo

A ring of Yi Action cameras that supports Google’s… 

  • 570

GoPro Fusion (wearable 360 camera by GoPro)

Fusion is a new 360 camera for fully immersive virtual… 

  • 584

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