VR Haptics Accessories

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Enable deeper, richer haptics with these vr accessories.


A kickstarter campaign for a VR haptic vest by woojer, who… 

  • 188


Update: The Kickstarter has been canceled. The ZephVR is a… 

  • 436


Force feedback enabled VR gloves with HTC Vive Tracker… 

  • 1.7K
outline of gamer wearing HTC Vive headset and Hardlight Haptic Suit

Hardlight Haptic Suit

Location-based haptic feedback suit/vest that enables rich… 

  • 1.6K
Woojer Vest for VR experiences

Woojer Vest

Update: Woojer Vest is now Woojer ryg. A wearable vest for… 

  • 2.2K
Woojer Strap for VR experiences

Woojer Strap

Enables rich audio feedback while in VR. Also available in… 

  • 1.8K
Wearable KOR-FX vest for audio feedback


Wearable vest for rich audio feedback. 

  • 681
The haptic enhanced controller Reactive Grip

Reactive Grip

A haptic enhanced controller in development. Enables far… 

  • 642
The wireless wearable subwoofer SubPac M2

SubPac M2

A wireless “wearable subwoofer” that adds deep… 

  • 702

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