VR Productivity Apps

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Virtual reality applications design for productivity, including collaboration and telecommunication tools for VR that can be used in business and corporate environments.


Useful collaboration in virtual reality. Dream enables you… 

  • 180

Microsoft Maquette

Microsoft Maquette is a mixed reality tool for creating… 

  • 250


AR-focused collaboration platform for productivity. Able to… 

  • 198

DataView VR

A robust data visualization application designed for VR. 

  • 307


A multi-user collaborative engine with object persistence… 

  • 249

Amazon Sumerian

Amazon Sumerian lets you create and run virtual reality… 

  • 207


Multiplatform shared space tool for VR with whiteboards,… 

  • 795

Engage (Education Platform)

Engage is an educational platform. This multi-user system… 

  • 1.1K

Gravity Sketch

VR-enabled drawing tool Gravity Sketch, developed by a… 

  • 493

Dry Erase

An infinite VR whiteboard. Never run out of writing space:… 

  • 728


CAVRNUS is a virtual solution for design and engineering… 

  • 784


Share virtual desktop screens with others. Great for… 

  • 686

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop is the definitive screen replacement app… 

  • 546

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