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Virtual-reality applications (apps).


VR content delivery and arcade management platform for the… 

  • 471

Engage (Education Platform)

Engage is an educational platform. This multi-user system… 

  • 1.1K

Chroma Lab

A colorful, high performance fluid simulation toy in VR.… 

  • 538

Gravity Sketch

VR-enabled drawing tool Gravity Sketch, developed by a… 

  • 493

Dry Erase

An infinite VR whiteboard. Never run out of writing space:… 

  • 728


Plevr is Plex for VR. Resize and reposition the screen for… 

  • 467


An upcoming standard for immersive 180° video by… 

  • 554


From the creators of Second Life, Project Sansar is a… 

  • 676

Blocks by Google

An easy-to-use modeling tool by Google that enables quick… 

  • 1.1K

Microtrip VR

Create and share interactive music-reactive visualizations… 

  • 1.5K

Steam VR Home

A multi-user, customizable 3d environment to launch Steam… 

  • 943

Steam 360 Video

The Steam 360 Video platform is a enables content creators… 

  • 582


CAVRNUS is a virtual solution for design and engineering… 

  • 784


Share virtual desktop screens with others. Great for… 

  • 686

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop is the definitive screen replacement app… 

  • 546

Netflix VR

Currently only for GearVR, Netflix for VR allows you to… 

  • 553

Hulu VR

Watch Hulu’s catalog of content in a 360-degree,… 

  • 880


An app-launcher replacement that allows launching Oculus… 

  • 414

Facebook Spaces

Facebook’s first official piece of VR software,… 

  • 584

Storyboard VR

A quick prototyping tool for VR. Designed for artists to… 

  • 1.7K
JanusVR Logo


JanusVR transforms the internet into a three dimensional,… 

  • 632
Screenshot from Basement VR studio experience

Basement VR

A shared, persistent virtual studio for yourself and… 

  • 758
Melody VR Logo

Melody VR

A live music focused VR startup app, with deals with… 

  • 977
Image from the VR graffiti / airbrush game Ghost Paint

Ghost Paint

An upcoming graffiti / airbrush game featuring… 

  • 1.2K

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