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Hotel Transylvania Popstic

A VR music game designed exclusively for VR arcades... 

  • 42
  • 0


A UV-C light based cleaning solution for VRCADE operators... 

  • 69
  • 0

Hyper Blaster

A sweet Nintendo-zapper inspired Gun attachment for the HTC... 

  • 99
  • 0


Update: The Kickstarter has been canceled. The ZephVR is... 

  • 309
  • 0

HP Omen VR Backpack

A VR backpack/backtop computer mount for HP's Omen X... 

  • 375
  • 0

Strider VR

A new, unique omnidirectional treadmill in development that... 

  • 721
  • 0


Motivity is a general purpose VR treadmill in development... 

  • 720
  • 2

Vive Knuckle Controller (Development Model)

Currently in development and developed alongside Valve's... 

  • 708
  • 0

Facebook Surround 360 Cameras

Specifications and encoding solution for 360 video (with... 

  • 371
  • 0
disposable vr mask for headsets

VR Ninja Mask

Disposable, single-use vr covers that wrap around your face... 

  • 399
  • 0

Rivvr Wireless VR

Designed by Sixa, Rivvr enables Wireless VR for the HTC... 

  • 524
  • 0
Noitom's hi5 VR glove


Bring your hands into VR with Noitom's hi5 VR glove.... 

  • 594
  • 0


Force feedback enabled VR gloves with HTC Vive Tracker... 

  • 1.2K
  • 1
Cat wearing pet tracker for HTC Vive Tracker

Pet (Cat, Dog) Tracker for HTC Vive Tracker

A project in development for tracking pets in Steam VR.... 

  • 855
  • 0
outline of gamer wearing HTC Vive headset and Hardlight Haptic Suit

Hardlight Haptic Suit

Location-based haptic feedback suit/vest that enables rich... 

  • 1.1K
  • 0
Woojer Vest for VR experiences

Woojer Vest

A wearable vest for sound-based tactile feedback. Also... 

  • 1.4K
  • 2
Woojer Strap for VR experiences

Woojer Strap

Enables rich audio feedback while in VR. Also available in... 

  • 1.4K
  • 3
Wearable KOR-FX vest for audio feedback


Wearable vest for rich audio feedback. 

  • 560
  • 0
The haptic enhanced controller Reactive Grip

Reactive Grip

A haptic enhanced controller in development. Enables far... 

  • 503
  • 0
HTC VIVE Delus Audio Strap

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

Featuring flip-out headphones and a rigid harness for... 

  • 517
  • 0
The wireless wearable subwoofer SubPac M2

SubPac M2

A wireless "wearable subwoofer" that adds deep immersion by... 

  • 581
  • 0
VR exercise bike


A stationary exercise bike designed for VR. Supports Rift,... 

  • 360
  • 0
Omnidirectional treadmill for virtual reality


An ODT with a literal omnidirectional treadmill at your... 

  • 3.4K
  • 5
Cyberith Virtualizer for walking and running in virtual reality games

Cyberith Virtualizer

Not yet available to purchase, the Virtualizer’s design... 

  • 1K
  • 0

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