Oculus Rift Exclusive Games

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Exclusive games for the Oculus Rift VR headset and Home platform.


From Insomniac Games (developers of The Unspoken, Edge of… 

  • 326


A spy-action thriller game in development by Twisted Pixel… 

  • 272

Marvel Powers United VR

An Oculus Rift exclusive multiplayer co-op title featuring… 

  • 686

Wilson’s Heart

Wilson’s Heart is an immersive first-person… 

  • 488

Facebook Spaces

Facebook’s first official piece of VR software,… 

  • 536
View of Mission: ISS VR experience from Oculus Rift headset

Mission: ISS

Developed by Magnopus, Mission: ISS is an exlusive Oculus… 

  • 588


Coming Q3 2017, ARTIKA is a triple-a shooter title coming… 

  • 1K
View of Robo Recall VR game from Oculus Rift headset

Robo Recall

Brought to you by Epic Games, Robo Recall is an… 

  • 695


Battle against networked opponents in a disc throwing duel.… 

  • 745

Damaged Core

Wage head-controlled FPS war against robotic armies by… 

  • 710

Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere is a third-person action-adventure game… 

  • 613
Screen shot from Chronos VR game


Third-person, Oculus Rift exclusive by Gunfire Games.… 

  • 683

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